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Tips to make a good project

1. What is the first step when I want to build?

Antes de começar um projeto, é importante verificar a legalidade do terreno,
Before starting a project it is important to check the legality of the terrain, verify that the documentation is complete and current, and that it is duly registered with the competent registry.
Land without documentation of ownership, with legal disputes, irregular subdivisions or other problems may cause the approval process to the competent authorities to be stopped or even interrupted.

2. Can I build any building on my land?

Each city has its master plan with certain standards and ranges of uses.
There are areas with residential, commercial, industrial or historical patrimony predominance, etc.
An industry, for example, is not appropriate for a residential neighborhood and will not receive a license from the City Hall.
It is important to require the architectural and engineering professional to make the best use of the terrain slope, solar orientation as well as water inlet and outlet systems, since any project that requires a lot of land movement generates higher costs.
The topographic survey of the terrain is a great start to the project as it provides all the planialtimetry of the terrain.

3. What is a project? What projects are needed to build?

Project is a set of ideas associated with civil construction concepts that provide the direction for the execution of the work, providing measures and facilitating specifications for the executors of the work.
Each work requires a specific project because several factors that interfere in the project execution, such as type and slope of the existing soil, solar orientation, neighborhood and architectural style are analyzed.
In general, the works require Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Hydraulic and Sanitary Designs, but it depends on the size and type of construction and there may be a need for a fire fighting systems projects, protection system against atmospheric discharges among others.

4. Why request an Architecture Professional?

A good architect is the most capable professional to unite all the stages of a project.
He is the professional qualified for the spatial organization of his edification.
It is he who knows all the steps that lead to the construction of his project.
The architectural professional knows how to make the best use of his land, transforming the requested building into a functional and aesthetic place. It is also that provides all the direction for the other projects (structural, electrical, hydraulic, sanitary, etc).

5. Is a project expensive?

No. A project takes your wishes into consideration beyond all legal, functional, aesthetic and economic needs.
The construction professionals always take into account the costs that the project will entail, as well as providing all the information necessary for the execution of the work.
Initially a project may appear costly but throughout the execution of the work the owner will find that he has saved a great deal by avoiding material waste and execution errors by the workforce.
An important tip is to request all professionals involved in the project area to work together, each professional knowing what, when and where to do their part.