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Financing and facilities

1. What is a Letter of Credit?

CAIXA FGTS - Individual

Financing up to 100% of the value of the property with up to 30 years to pay. It even seems like a dream but it's true.
The Individual FGTS Letter of Credit is a financing line that utilizes FGTS resources to help you buy a new home.
With it, you finance up to 100% of your property with affordable interest and up to 30 years to pay.
Do not You even need to have deposits in your linked FGTS account to hire.

Letter of Credit SBPE

With the SBPE Letter of Credit it is easier to buy your new home.
Created especially for you this line of credit allows you to finance new residential real estate within 30 years.
It uses the resources of the Brazilian System of Savings and Loans (SBPE) and may or may not be framed under the conditions of the Housing Financial System (SFH), depending on the values of the property and the financing to be acquired.
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2. How to get a letter of credit?

A documentação necessária para entrar com o pedido da Carta de Crédito varia de acordo com o banco, por isso é importante se informar com o gerente
da agência e levar os documentos para avaliação cadastral e análise da capacidade de pagamento.The documentation required to request the Letter of Credit varies according to the bank, so it is important to contact the agency's manager and take the documents for cadastral evaluation and payment capacity analysis.
The bank also makes an evaluation of the property based on the real estate documents provided.
If all goes well you will receive the Individual Letter of Credit valid for 15 days.
The next step is to determine the form of financing, collect the necessary fees for the process according to the form of contracting (pre or post interest rate, financing amount and amortization period).
The funds are released when you present the contract registered with the agency in the notary's office.
Then, the bank will pay the value of the Letter of Credit to the seller of the property.
After that, your contract will enter into amortization phase. It is important to remember that the rest of the property value, if any, is your responsibility.
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3. How does payment work?

Use of the FGTS: In the operations of the Financial System of Housing (SFH), it is possible to use the resources of the linked account of the FGTS, both in the amortization of the outstanding balance and in the payment of the installment, provided that the requirements established in the legislation of the fund are observed.
On our website you can learn more about the use of FGTS.
The valuation value of the property is up to R$ 350,000.00 for operations within the Housing Financial System (SFH).
For those outside SFH, the value of the property may exceed this limit, provided that the financing amount does not exceed R$ 245,000.00.
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