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Tips for making the best purchase

Certainly the purchase of the first real estate is the most difficult task in our financial life. We have heard from childhood that paying rent is throwing money away and that we must have among our goals the acquisition of the house itself, thus avoiding rent.

Here are some advice to make a good deal whether it's time to buy the home or the apartment that's right for your needs and fulfillment of your dreams.

The starting point for looking for a property is to choose a place to live.
So location is the beginning of the task, therefore:

• The region chosen must meet your needs and those of your family;
• Review the time it will take you to get to work;
• Check for nearby shopping, such as pharmacies, supermarkets and bakeries, so that you can shop in a few minutes without leaving your car;
• Be aware of the means of public transportation that will be used by your children and / or household employees;
• Some locations are great, such as shopping malls, parks, colleges and clubs, but you need to use the car to get to any of these places.

Do not just think about who drives, like this:

• Give preference to a region already stabilized so as not to have future surprises;
• Some areas are in transition and business owners take advantage of nightclubs and bars, which are quite unwanted by residents.
During the night, these locations often attract many young people and the streets are crowded with cars. Remember that eventually friends visiting you will find it difficult to find a parking.
• Be careful also with regions that promise rapid development.